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Safety Tips For Seniors Aging At Home

As our population lives longer today than ever before in history, people are choosing to remain living in the family home as they age.  This is altogether wonderful news, except many homes aren’t exactly designed

How To Move A Washing Machine Without Hiring A Mover

Moving a washing machine without hiring professional movers can turn out to be a more challenging task than you may realise. That’s because washing machines are; Large – standing roughly 3 feet tall and 2

How To ‘Add Curb’ Appeal To Your Home

What do you see when you look at your home from the outside? Do you see memories made on the front lawn with your kids? Do you see that summer you painted the whole house

COVID-19: How The Pandemic Is Shaping Interior Design

Just like everything else, from fashion to footwear, trends for interior design are always coming into and going out of style each year. But thanks to last year’s tumultuous pandemic, which fundamentally and unexpectedly changed

Choosing A Colour Palette For Your Whole House

When it comes to decorating the interior of their homes, most people will often struggle with choosing which colours to paint their walls. That’s because the colour palette is how you will set the mood

4 Home Decor Trends In 2021

After the dumpster fire that was 2020, this year is all about ensuring our homes are designed with interiors that are functional and highly comfortable. So, whether looking to completely renovate your interior space or

A Guide To Energy Efficiency In Multi-storey Buildings

Energy-efficient homes are on the rise, with millions of homeowners reaping the rewards of lower electricity bills and a greener carbon footprint. But what about multi-storey dwellings? Commercial buildings such as offices and hotels can