Adrian Tucci

In 2014 Adrian quit his job and opened a painting business called MrPaint. Adrian is a strong believer in the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ principle and backs this up by being a competitive track cyclist here in Australia.

How To Paint A Wall?

Painting interior walls in your home is an exciting DIY project to take on. A fresh lick of paint can leave an incredible impact, brightening up a tired room and completely transforming a property. To cut the costs of hiring a professional, learn how to paint walls yourself.  While painting walls might look simple enough,

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How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof?

As your home’s primary protection from the harsh elements, your roof was originally built to stay strong and last long. But the constant exposure to the extreme temperatures, powerful winds, and battering rains of Australia’s seasons will eventually reduce the resilience, strength, and waterproofing of your roof. And once the surface of your roof has

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