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On the hunt for the best Manly painting services? Get it done right with Mr. Paint

As one of the most desirable places in Sydney’s northern beaches, not to mention the country, Manly has many stunning homes, businesses and architectural marvels. Unfortunately, with the constant exposure to the salt air from the sea, the battering from the blistering summers sun, properties are not always looking their best.

If you own a home, commercial or industrial property in Manley, why not add value, add inspiration to your team, or attract more people into your store through a professional, quality paint job?

A splash of colour could be all that your business or home needs. From a new renovation, rebuild, new store, refit or office renovation, there is little outside the scope of the professional painting outfit of Mr. Paint.

With decades of experience with all facets of residential, commercial, and industrial painting, they have been proud to service the Manley community, residents and businesses alike.

interior and exterior painting Solutions in Manly NSW

A breath of fresh air into your home? Add a fresh coat of paint

Although you may enjoy the consistent sea breeze into your home, have you considered the value of a paint job? Exterior painting can increase the street appeal, value, and look of your property considerably.

While an interior paint job can make even the oldest of homes feel brand new again. From heritage-listed restorations, new homes, apartments, townhouses and everything in between, the licensed painting team at Mr. Paint have the skills, experience, and knowledge to complete the job right.

Want to stand out from the crowd? If you are considering putting your Manly home on the market, why not try and get top dollar? A Mr. Paint consultation and house painting job can bring the best out of your property, maximise your sales value and get you moving sooner.

Nothing appeals more to potential buyers than a freshly, professionally painted, high-quality paint job. People can spot quality workmanship versus a DIY or cheaply done job. The interesting thing is, it costs less than most people may think.

Some of our interior and exterior painting solutions include:

  • Residential painting.
  • Commercial painting.
  • Painting and decorating advice.
  • Painting for bathroom renovations.
  • Paint preparation including mould removal, and patch and paint.
  • Floor painting.
  • Roof painting.
  • Spray paint.
  • A free colour consultation.
  • Strata painting.
  • Interior paint solutions. for your bedroom apartment.

Get in touch with a local painter from MrPaint today for your next painting project. 

We’ll be more than happy to provide you with our painters costs, and we’ll definitely do a fantastic job. All of our painters have a keen eye for attention to details.
We also highly recommend that you get quotes from painters, to compare pricing, painting techniques,  and service quality.
Painter Sydney, servicing Manly and the wider area

Run a business or industrial property in Manly? Call in the paint professionals to freshen up your property

It is no secret that people have changed the way they shop, the way they buy, and where they choose to spend their money. So, now is the time to keep your business relevant with a new paint job.

With a wide range of commercial & industrial services on offer including painting, line marking, graffiti removal, floor coating systems, epoxy finishes, 2-PAC and solvents, nothing is left to chance at Mr. Paint. We can take care of all of your commercial and industrial painting needs, and stand by our superior products and customer service.

Our experienced, licensed and expert team understand the needs of businesses, and that time is money – so we will work with you to deliver on time, on budget and with minimal intrusion or impact to your business.

So, whether you need a small patch-up job through to a full internal and external paint, general maintenance or protection from the harsh conditions of our beautiful Manley, Mr. Paint is your one-stop-shop.

Contact our painters in manly NSW today for a licenced, insured expert to come to your property, provide you insights, colour schemes, samples and of course an obligation free quote on when and how you can get the most out of your Manly property. 

We can fresh up your property and create the perfect paint solution adding value and boosting the look of your property.

MrPaint is a locally owned painting company, and if you’re looking to find out more information about us, then check out our gallery to view some of our recent painting work.

FAQs Related To Hiring a Painter in Manly

Not at all. A professional painter will expect questions about their experience and services included that are relevant to your paint job.

Professional painters should carry public liability insurance, which will cover any damage done to your house by the house painter while they’re doing the job.

Definitely! Professional painters can assess a site and give you a time frame in which they can do the job. They can also bring in additional staff if time is really tight.

A weatherboard house needs to be well maintained. Good exterior paint, if well executed by a professional painter with quality workmanship, should last around 15 years.
You can rest assured with MrPaint as we do plenty of work in Manly and all locations across the Northern Beaches. 
We are happy to do small jobs. Just explain the job in detail when you ask us for a quote. We’re happy to do small jobs, and we offer free quotes too.
Yes, you can. We’re happy to show you our work and provide references from clients.
Your licensed painter’s quote should have as much detail as possible about every aspect of the job to prevent any errors. For instance, make sure the brand, colour and number of coats is specified so you don’t get short changed.

When you hire a professional painter, you’re paying for their expertise, their time, the use of their equipment and staff, and quality paint. If you do it yourself it might cost less, but will take longer, be hard work, and it’s unlikely you can do it to the same standard.

One of our house painters will be the best person to advise you on this matter. However, semi gloss paint is more durable and easier to clean than flat paint, so for exterior painting we may suggest this as the best option.

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