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Your northern beaches property needs painting that stands the test of time

Sydney’s northern beaches are one of the most designable places to live in the world. Pristine beaches, great dining, shopping, social outlets, green space and more. A region steeped in history, there are many stunning heritage-listed buildings, architectural masterpieces, family homes, apartments, townhouses and business buildings of almost every size and shape.

The one thing all these Northern Beaches properties have in common is the extreme weather conditions we are all exposed to. Will your paint job stack up? With a high amount of salt in the air, the wind, rain and extremities of blistering summers and shivering winters – protecting properties with paint is a challenge, and you need to engage specialist painters that understand the local area.

How your northern beaches property stacks up is not just down to the structural integrity of your home, but also the choice of paint you use and the quality of workmanship and skill of the painters you engage.

Don’t be caught out using inferior products internally or externally on your home, office or industrial property – be sure to use professional painting experts to protect the property for longer.

painters in northern beaches

Welcomes prospective buyers into your Northern Beaches home with a new quality paint job

The dedicated residential painting team at Mr. Paint can bring your property to the forefront of almost every buyer’s mind by increasing the curb appeal of your property’s exterior.

While inside, creating unique spaces in rooms, allowing more natural light in through colour and texture choice will bring buyers out of hiding. The experienced house painting team of Mr. Paint are there to help create the perfect look for your residential property.

Painting for a renovation, restoration or a fresh look can not only increase the value of your property but also increase the overall look – making it a warm and cosy space or enhancing the feel or size of the property using clever colour choices.

Our interior and exterior painters provide the following painting services:

  • Residential and commercial.
  • Painting the interior, including, ceilings and walls painted.
  • Heritage painting.
  • Painting for bathroom renovations.
  • Exterior house painting.
  • High quality painting finishes for your home or office.
  • Strata painting.
  • Feature wall painting.
  • Roof painting.
We service the following locations:
  • Eastern Suburbs.
  • The North Shore.
  • Manly Vale.
  • Castle Hill.
  • Mona Vale.
  • Frenchs Forest.
  • Sydney CBD.
  • Allambie Heights.
  • Curl Curl.
If you’d like to find out how much it will cost to paint your house or commercial building, then get in touch with one of our friendly Sydney painters who will be more than happy to provide you with a painting quote.
Check out our gallery to view some of our recent painting jobs. Or read our happy customer reviews.
painting northern beaches

Enhance your business and shopfront with a paint solution from Mr. Paint

Thinking of what could attract new customers, or keep existing ones happy longer? Why not improve those tired walls of your Northern Beaches business and have a freshly painted perspective.

From feature ways, epoxy, 2-PAC solutions, plastering, painting and more, the Mr. Paint commercial painting services team are experts in making your business shine. We take the time to understand your needs and budget and go above and beyond to offer a quality commercial solution for your business.

From external façade updates pulling customers in from the street, your external paintwork is the first thing that foot traffic past your business will see. Ask yourself the honest question, “would you walk in?”, if not, then let’s do something about it with a fresh paint job.

What about inspiring your team of workers, nothing supports ‘clock watching; of your employees more than drab walls, with little to no personality. Why not inspire them with colour, feature walls and natural light that assists in worker productivity.

The commercial paint team has worked on many jobs in Sydney’s northern beaches, and are the local experts in painting solutions. Why not have them over to review your office, shop, factory, showroom or whatever you have in mind to see what an experienced painter can do to bring it alive.

Boasting decades of experience, Mr. Paint is there for all your painting needs, residential, commercial or industrial.

Contact the team today for an obligation-free, onsite quote and see how your spaces, your home and your business could be transformed.

FAQs Related To Hiring a Painter on the Northern Beaches

Yes, as commercial painters we can paint your shop front. Give us a call to find out more about timeframes and pricing.
Multiple sites will take some time, so the more lead time you can offer a professional painter to organise staff and time tabling to manage the jobs the better. Big paint jobs like that may require extra staff to deploy across all the sites.
Depending on the length and style of your fence, it could be a time consuming paint job, which would add to the cost. However, give us a call and we’ll discuss the job at hand and work out a fair price.

Generally, a professional painter will give you an estimate for a complete job, for services including preparation, painting, purchasing your paint and clean up. Sometimes they may do a room by room estimate if you only need a couple painted.

Most licensed painters carry business liability insurance, which protects your property from any damage caused by the painter during the paint job.

High quality exterior paints are formulated to high specifications to protect a building against the elements, including mould, salt, water and dust. If you’re worried about it, our specialist exterior painters who are familiar with Sydney’s Northern Beaches conditions will be able to assess the situation.

Yes, it does. Professional painters who are certified by trade organisations typically have a track record of proven quality workmanship and customer service, are fully licensed and insured, and commit to using high quality paint and tools.

Yes, you can. We will work out a plan to help minimise the disruption. But you’ll need to move furniture and avoid the painters if you’re at home while they’re there. If it’s just a few rooms, that might be manageable. If it’s the whole house, that’s a big paint job that will be considerably disruptive, so you might be better off moving out for the duration.

Yes. Ask if they’re happy to supply you with references from previous paint jobs, recent and long past. A professional painter should be happy to supply them.

It’s important you can trust the painting service you hire to paint your house. If they arrived on time to do your quote, were neatly and professionally attired, came highly recommended from someone you know, and were happy for you to access references from previous clients, you’ve probably found a trustworthy company.

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