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Your North Sydney home or business is more than likely your pride and joy. North Sydney NSW is located in one of the most desirable locations globally.

North Sydney is not exactly the newest suburb. The eclectic styles and the past decades have left their mark on many buildings. From outlandish feature walls to drab, off-white popcorn ceilings, North Sydney properties have it all.

Undertaking a new paint job could potentially transfer your apartment, house, business, venue, or commercial space to something fresh, inspired, and new – and for a much less than you may think.

No matter how easy or difficult a task might be, rest assured that our skilled North Sydney Painting team can help you with your painting project.

Professional Painting Services

Thinking of selling or have you just moved into North Sydney? Mr. Paint can help your painting needs

Nothing is more appealing to a potential property buyer than a fresh paint job. It smells fresh and offers more light, colour, and ambience than the agent ordered. Why not maximise the sale price by utilising North Sydney’s more highly recommended painters and decorators?

When securing a sale, potential buyers looking for maximum value, the minor features often matter. Consider the interior or exterior painting, plastering, or special finishes that can become the essential elements of a quality property.

And don’t forget, just because you love a colour scheme or feature wall, it may not appeal to your target market – so it’s always best to get an expert opinion on how to maximise your sale price before getting a home painted. 

Our experienced painters at Mr. Paint have plenty of experience in the local area and can come to your property at a time that suits you to freshen up your walls and spaces with innovative paint solutions.

Have you just moved into North Sydney and love your new home but hate the colour? Why not have MrPaint meet you onsite and provide an obligation free assessment of what can be done to add your personal touches.

Bring light into those dark corners, remove those ugly old popcorn ceilings, or even add your intricate details –  from start to finish, Mr. Paint’s local painters can help.

Our painting company provides the following solutions:

  • Roof painting in North Sydney.
  • Wall paint solutions, such as colour recommendations for house paint.
  • Interior paint
  • Exterior house painting.
  • Strata painting.
  • Interior and exterior painting from start to finish.
  • Spray painting.
  • Industrial painting.
  • Residential and commercial painting for your home or business.
  • Office painting.
We also service the following locations in Sydney:
  • Neutral Bay.
  • Crows Nest.
  • St Ives.
  • Lane Cove.
  • Castle Hill.
  • St Leonards.
  • Hornsby.
  • Chatswoord.
  • Five Dock.
  • Wahroonga.
Get in touch with an expert painter from our team today who will be more than happy to provide you with a free paint quote. 
Commercial Painting Services

If you run a business in North Sydney and want a fresh coat of paint, we are here to help

Nothing pushes customers away than an outdated décor and paintwork that fell out of the 1970s. Why not speak to the team at Mr. Paint about their expert commercial and industrial paint services in North Sydney.

Understanding that your time is vital to keep the business running, our dedicated commercial team can work with you to minimise disruption and downtime while maximising your paintwork.

Impress potential customers with a new internal wall render, feature wall created by an expert, licensed painter who understands how to bring blank canvases to life.

Don’t settle for second best on your North Sydney residential, commercial or industrial property. Speak with Mr. Paint’s painter Sydney today to learn more about our interior and exterior painting solutions for commercial property.

With 5-star reviews across Sydney’s northern beaches, enjoy highly recommended customer service, quality paint, and transparent prices. Our North Sydney team assists with strata painting, residential painting, spray painting, and premium painting solutions.

MrPaint’s North Sydney painters also service St Ives, Lane Cove, Neutral Bay, North Shore, Wahroonga, St Leonards and the Lower North Shore. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our painting costs and view our skilled painting work sample.

FAQs Related To Hiring a Painter in North Sydney

Definitely! As professional painters we can assess a site and give you a time frame in which we can do the job. We can also bring in additional staff if time is really tight.

Mr Paint can help you out with this job. While a unit block is residential, it’s a vastly different proposition to a house. Commercial painting requires licensed painters with special equipment to manage heights and larger paint jobs, but at Mr Paint we can handle the job.

As long as the paint is in unopened cans that have been stored properly, it should be fine for most paint jobs. If it’s been sitting for some years, it may have separated. If so we will need to blend it thoroughly before use.

High quality washable paint has a special formula that means you can scrub it without damaging the surface finish. Professional painters may recommend washable paints for high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens and children’s rooms.

Pale colours reflect more light than dark colours, so they will show up irregularities on your walls. We can offer services including wall preparations prior to painting, to minimise any imperfections.

That will depend on what we are painting over. If the walls are pale and in good condition, two coats of your new quality paint colour should be sufficient. However, if they need a lot of preparation or are a dark colour, we may suggest a third coat.

That depends on the type of surface and the prep required. For a high quality job, a professional painter may prefer to do their own preparation so it is done to their satisfaction.
A professional painter is a highly skilled tradesperson who can offer you quality workmanship for your paint job. Most experienced painters use a technique called cutting in – i.e. painting a straight line directly with a brush along an edge rather than taping – as it avoids potentially tearing the edge of the paint when the tape is pulled off.
Hiring a professional painter means you get a high quality paint job in a shorter time frame than you could achieve doing it yourself. It means you don’t have trial and error when painting tricky surfaces, and you don’t have to hire scaffolding and ladders, painting tools, drop sheets and all the paraphernalia of painting.

If your new house didn’t have a fresh exterior paint job done for the sale, look for places where dust and water collect to see if there’s deterioration of the paint. An experienced painter from Mr Paint could also do an assessment for you and give you a quote if they feel it’s due for a repaint.

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