Your terrace is in safe hands with your expert Paddington painter

Those beautiful character filled terrace houses of Paddington are stunning, a walk through history to an era that has long gone. When a terrace has been repainted with a sophisticated colour scheme, they look striking.

Need a new look for your home?

Try a new paint job. Mr Paint, the Paddington painters have over 50 years’ experience painting old and new homes, in a range of paint finishes to suit your decorating style and lifestyle. From basic white paint to the latest in emulsion paints and effects, your home can be transformed by the team at Mr Paint.

A qualified paint team

All our painters are trade and on the job qualified, for a professional finish. Before we even start, drop sheets and plastic is used to cover all your valuables, furniture and floors. Preparation is planned, from cleaning of the surfaces to patching holes and dents to sanding until smooth, now we are ready to paint. All our cut ins are straight, using the right equipment for every part of the job. The whole process from start to finish is done correctly, no cutting corners at Mr Paint.

A background in project management

Adrian Tucci, the owner of Mr Paint has a background in project management, each job is planned with the team assigned to each job. Once your painting job has started, we are there until the job is completed. This makes us more efficient and means we are not in your home for longer than we need to be. We will be out of your house before you know it with a shiny new paint job.

Send us an email or call us today to talk paint – as your Paddington painter, we are sure to help you and give you great advice for any of your painting needs.

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