Your local Bondi painter is ready for you!

Stop putting off the painting of your home or apartment. Call in the experts, the locals at Mr Paint. This is what we love doing, painting houses, inside and out, and making them look crisp and clean again. Breathing new life into a family home, for more family fun time and memories.
Paint to stop the ocean damaging your home

We know how spectacular your views are at Bondi and what a wonderful beach you get to enjoy. As a local Bondi painter, however, we know the damaging effects of sea salt and moisture can do to the hard surfaces of your home. Let us have a look at your home, assess the damage and provide practical paint solutions that can fix the damage and minimise further damage.

Protective paint around your home

A protective layer of paint with provide a long protection to your home in coastal areas. It will help to extend the life of the building, reduce the ongoing maintenance costs and the disturbance to your family.

Paint preparation is key

With every paint project, the preparation is the most important step in professional and lasting paint work. After careful and meticulous groundwork, it is ready for painting. Mr Paint uses the best quality paint and brushes and rollers for each job. When we have finished, you are left with a beautiful colour on smooth walls.

Professional painters

Our focus is on you, everything we do is aimed to please and turn your home new and shiny again. Mr Paint carries all the correct business insurances, so you know we are protected before we even step onto your premises. Our processes are work, health and safety compliant, because we care about you, your family and our team of dedicated painters. Without them, we don’t have a business.
Call Mr Paint today, to see how we can help you around your home.

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