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Need a fresh new look for your home or business? Consider a paint job for your Crows Nest Property


Sick of looking at the outside of your home peeling away like a bad sunburn on Bondi Beach? Are you thinking of selling your home and wanting to maximise the sales price of your Crows Nest property? Do you run a business in the ideal suburb and want to attract more new customers to your business? A professional paint job could be the answer.

A new paint job at your Crows Nest property can do all of the above and so much more. Mr. Paint has been proudly servicing the community of Crows Nest for years. With residential painting, commercial painting and industrial painting jobs, there is nothing too big or small for the expert team at MrPaint.

With only expert, licenced and insured painters on staff, the team comes highly recommended for all painting jobs. From house painting, exterior paint, and commercial through to basic patch-ups, the Sydney northern beaches community can count on the Mr. Paint services in the local area.

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Stand out from the rest with a quality commercial paint solution

As a business owner, we all know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. Why not stand up and be noticed, impress customers who walk by, walk-in and walk out of your store, business or building with an impactful paint job?

From new shop fits, restorations, renovations and everything in between, our professional painters can provide quality workmanship that will put your business on the front foot.

With industrial services such as epoxy finishes, 2-pac, solvents, and more, and commercial jobs such as internal & external painting, line marking, graffiti removal, and floor coating systems – MrPaint has the right people the right tools, and the right experience for your painting job.

As a local business, MrPaint understands that your Crows Nest business needs to get moving with minimum impact on the customers and clients coming through your doors. 

Why not talk to our experienced customer service team, who can offer a range of alternative days and times to suit your needs?

Some of our painting solutions include:

  • Interior painting.
  • A free colour consultation.
  • Painting for bathroom renovations.
  • Quality paint finishes.
  • Strata painting.
  • Residential and commercial painting.
  • Office painting.
  • Industrial painting.
  • Apartment painting.
  • Roof painting.
  • Exterior paint solutions.
  • Fence painting.
Our professional painting company also services the following locations:
  • Neutral Bay.
  • The North Shore.
  • St Leonards.
  • Crows Nest.
  • Wollstonecraft.
We definitely recommend that you get quotes from painters to compare prices, quality, and service.
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Spent too much time looking at those poorly painted walls? Refresh your paint with Mr. Paint

They say “home is where the heart is”, but for many of us during recent events, we have been stuck at home looking at the same internal and external walls of your home. Did you notice anything that needs a freshen up? Do you think you could add a little style, colour and personal touch to your home? A paint job could be just the answer.

Before you start getting excited watching “how easy” it is on the TV renovation shows, remember a professional painter can provide the right advice, the best products for your home as well as quality workmanship.

Unfortunately, many jobs that Mr. Paint is called out to is fixing up the mistakes of DIY projects. So before you think “I can do this”, why not think “what could I be doing with the time I would have spent painting the walls”?

From adding value to your home for sale, through to bringing in more life, creating new spaces or adding the personal touches you have always wanted to your Crows Nest home, call Mr. Paint and get the job done right.

With no job too big or too small, Mr. Paint is one of the leading painting services in the local area. Call the team today to experience good old-fashioned customer service, quality workmanship and guaranteed work across Crows Nest and Sydney’s northern beaches.

FAQs Related To Hiring a Painter in Crows Nest

Not all painters have the same level of expertise and experience. At Mr Paint, we’ve worked across Sydney and experienced all types of jobs. Get in touch to find out how we can match our talent to your needs.

Our professional painters can give you a quote to repaint your apartment, which may be your best option long term. It’s possible that an inexperienced painter used poor quality paint on your property.

A high quality professional painter will give you a quote that breaks down the components of their services, including preparation, the cost of quality paint and undercoat, how many people will be doing the work, and the cost of their labour.

House painters can vary in price, from company to company. A good painter will offer excellent customer service, use quality paint, and will do a professional job in good time.

Watered down paint isn’t as durable as full strength paint, so you won’t get a great job if that happens. Rest assured that at Mr Paint we want our work to look good and last long so we don’t water out paint down.

You can buy the paint for your painter, but it will be at retail cost. A professional painter can buy the paint at wholesale rates, so it will be cheaper if they purchase it for you.

Our experienced exterior painters can make an accurate assessment of the time it will take when they come to give you a quote. It will depend on the size of the house and the amount of preparation they will need to do before they start painting.

A professional painter will already have all the necessary equipment, and the experience to do a quality paint job in much less time.

A professional painter will take time to clean the walls, fill in and sand any holes or other uneven sections of the wall. They will use quality paint and do at least two, possibly three, coats which will ensure the coverage is even and the colour is vibrant.

Absolutely! If you’re happy with the job, a good review can help us spread the word about our services. Many house painters add to their client list through personal referrals from previous clients.

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