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When thinking about your next Sydney residential, commercial, or industrial paint job, there is only one name that will get the job done right, every time – MrPaint.

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MrPaint has been serving the community of Sydney and surrounding areas, for many years delivering quality finishes from paint jobs both large and small. When it’s quality jobs that matter from an easy to communicate with team, MrPaint are the ones who deliver.

From house painting and decorating, commercial painting, painting the interior, and external painting, nothing is outside the scope of the expert team from MrPaint.


When quality, service and a job well done matter most call MrPaint

Using only the best quality finishes, our expert team, with years of experience, come highly recommended in Sydney and surrounds.

With an eye for detail and painters who understand not only the tools of our trade but the need for us to provide you as our valued client, with the best advice, brands and techniques to get the most out of your residential and commercial Sydney property.

Moving into a new home, and what to make it your own, nothing beats a new coat of paint to make a house, your home. From adding colours and tones to represent style, or a basic repaint to make your property feel brand new, nothing beats an interior house painting.

Are you thinking of selling your home? An exterior painting job can provide your home painting with a look that will attract buyers from far and wide. In addition, working with MrPaint and your estate agent gives a painting process buyers what they want, and you will move your house quicker than what you thought possible.

Licenced, qualified, experienced and local, our dedicated team is only a phone call or email away, contact the team today, and you won’t be disappointed in the result – or the price!


Choosing a cheap house painting solution could end up costing you more

We provide a free same day quote but just because a quote is the cheapest, it does not mean that it is the best.

We always recommend getting several painting quotes whenever undertaking a residential or commercial paint job in Sydney. At MrPaint we pride ourselves on being a team of sydney residential painters who provide competitive prices on top notch professional painting work so you can be assured that there are no hidden surprises when it comes to the result.

However, when you engage cheap house painters in Sydney NSW, who use inferior materials and may lack in skill residential painting, your property will be able to tell the difference. From streaks, mismatched colours through to poor wearing and non-durable finishes, cheap painting can result in the opposite of what you were looking for and cost you more to fix the next time around.

MrPaint works with you, to do an outstanding job the first time, every time on your interior or exterior painting project. Once we have completed the job you can just enjoy it for many years to come.


It doesn’t cost anything to get a painting quote for your property, business or commercial property

Are you sitting on the fence about your latest home project? Thinking of updating the interior walls of your business, but have not had the time?

It does not cost anything to have one of our highly trained, skilled, and experienced professionals to come onto your site and review all the opportunities, give a rundown on the painting process, providing a high quality, obligation-free and complete quote.

Working within all budgets, our team will provide you with a range of options and a spectrum of colours that can bring your property back to life. From feature walls, internal paint, external, walls, ceilings, and even acoustic supporting paint jobs for home theatre rooms – you name it, our team can work with you to bring it to life.


Got commercial, industrial or strata painting needs? That's not an issue for MrPaint

Looking to attract new customers, ensure employees are more productive or want to inspire new ideas and creativity?

Attention to detail is important which is why having the work completed by a professional painter at your property could be just the ticket. A high-quality paint job can bring a drab and dreary older building, and transform it into an inspired, creative space.

With the very latest in epoxy solutions, colours schemes, technologies, and techniques when you work with MrPaint, your every business need is catered for.

We understand no matter the type of painting work sticking to time frames is imperative to you as a business owner or manager – with time equalling money. With this in mind, our highly professional team can be flexible in working outside regular hours, to ensure your business down-time is kept to a minimum.


DIY painting projects – are you really able to do it all?

Many of us think that we can do it all, we don’t need professional painters for our painting project.

We have an eye for detail and it’s just a touch up on the walls and ceiling but is that really the case? If you are doing it right this job can end up requiring you to plan, design, demolish, build, paint and finish to get the work done.

Sure, you may have seen it on TV, read the book, even done a few workshops on how to get ready for painting at Bunnings, but when it comes to house and commercial painting services, there is only one sure fire painting process to get the best result.

Working with trained, qualified, and licensed painting & finishing professionals is the way you can guarantee a fantastic job that will be done right with a quality finish.

Too many times, our professional Sydney team has been called in to strip back, touch up and repaint jobs where people have tried, and failed to get the look and feel they were after on a DIY project. One thing we definitely recommend for an excellent job is starting all painting jobs the right way.

Sound advice, expert professional painters, tried and tested materials and good old-fashioned quality service comes standard when working with MrPaint. It’s likely we have already recently painted a house or apartment near you.

With a great job from our painting company, comes a painting finish that delivers a more inspired space, brighter, lighter properties, higher sale prices, increased value and areas in your office and home that you will want to spend time in.


Insurance quotes & service are simple with MrPaint Sydney

Water or smoke damage? Vandalism or an unavoidable accident?
MrPaint understands that getting your home or business back to the way it was as quickly as possible is top of mind and wouldn’t hesitate going above and beyond to get the job done. As such, our expert team can provide you with a complete quote for your insurance claim, and get the job done and you back on your way. For all your Sydney house painting, commercial painting, interior, exterior new or existing property painting jobs, MrPaint is your reasonably priced team of Sydney painters. Take a look at our Google reviews and you will see people have no hesitation in recommending us. Call today and request a quote to experience the quality and value of the MrPaint difference. With the very latest in epoxy solutions, colours schemes, technologies, and techniques when you work with MrPaint, your every business need is catered for. We understand no matter the type of painting work sticking to time frames is imperative to you as a business owner or manager – with time equalling money. With this in mind, our highly professional team can be flexible in working outside regular hours, to ensure your business down-time is kept to a minimum.

FAQs Related To Hiring a Painter In Sydney

Yes, you need a company like Mr Paint, which comes highly recommended with a reputation for quality workmanship and dependability as you won’t be there. It would be good to have a friend to check on the work periodically.

Most professional painters of long standing build up a customer base that’s local to them. However, Mr Paint can and does travel across Sydney for the right job, as we have clients all across the Northern Beaches and Inner West.

Some water-based acrylic paints are formulated for exterior use. One of our experienced painters can advise you on the most appropriate paint to use for your outside paint jobs.

Possibly. Paint takes longer to dry when the weather is cold and damp, and rain may pose a challenge for exterior painters.

Most modern quality paints take a few hours to be touch dry, but can take up to a month to fully cure. It’s one reason why many house painters prefer to avoid exterior paint jobs in winter.
If you use a professional painter who uses quality paint formulated for exterior work, it should last around 15 years. If you’re not sure when it was last painted, one of our experienced painters should be able to assess it for you.
It’s advisable to stick to neutrals when you do residential painting pre-sale. Feature walls and bright colours can be off-putting for potential buyers, so ask our experienced painters about painting neutral tones throughout. You may also live in an area where Federation colour schemes or neutral colour predominate. You don’t want your house to be the odd one out, since buyers tend to look for a similar colour scheme to the others in the area.
Yes, you can. But bear in mind that a licensed painter can buy at wholesale rates, so there are potential savings to be had if the painter does the paint purchasing.
Yes, it can potentially add value to your property. House painting, especially if done by a professional painter with quality workmanship, offers potential buyers a fresh, clean property that doesn’t immediately require any work.

When you’re hiring a professional painter, look for the following: A professional will be punctual when they come to do your quote, and the quote will be detailed, showing services including a timeframe, materials and staffing. They will also be happy to give you references from previous paint jobs.

MrPaint provide leading painting services across the Sydney Metro Area

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